The Proyecto KPG B is aimed at candidates of Level B exam (B1 and B2) who want to successfully pass the written and oral examinations of the State Language Certificate in Spanish language.
Its structure renders it appropriate for repetition and assimilation of the course curriculum.
It can also be used for the preparation of the Panhellenic special course.
It is ideal for...

Dear friends,

we are pleased to inform you that you can obtain the 'Learn Arabic' series from our publishing house!

Renewed 'Italian Grammar in Greek'

Saturday, 28 April 2018 15:34
Dear friends,
We inform you that the renewed released "Italian Grammar in Greek" which was depleted and re-released, is reaching the 115,000 copies.
 Comprehensive graphical presentation
 Easier reading
 Contemporary charts
 Pleasant and modern layout
In one book there are included all the rules of Italian grammar and the details of syntax!
For information and orders:
+30 210 - 3300073
e-mail: This email address is being...

Coming soon ... our new site!

Friday, 27 April 2018 15:34
Dear friends,
We are happy to inform you that our new website will be ready soon!
A new site for our editions with a more modern mood, better composition, emphasis on optimizing the clarity of the topics.
What will change and offer our new site:
 contemporary visual appearance
 new features and potentials
 greater flexibility and simplicity in use
 analytical presentation of all categories

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