Our Story

ORNIMI editions are the natural progression of PERUGIA, the recognized publishing house, founded in 1989. Since then, the last one has set a significant march in the field of educational foreign language books.

Having already passed into the second generation, the company changes name and personality as it enters a new era, having as vehicle the completely restored to its aesthetic and functionalism website.

The publisher’s scope sprawls in nine different languages for Greece and Cyprus, while at the same time, its activity and presence is extremely active, not only in the Italian market but also all over the world.  

More specifically, the countries with which ORNIMI Publications collaborate are: Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal and Turkey, while the number of countries added to the above list is constantly increasing.

Hence, among the advantages of the house extroversion is included, as well as the absolute focus on education and the individual actions (workshops, webinars, participation in conferences, exhibitions, etc.) that enclose it.

Concurrently, edition’s involvement in an impressive number of foreign languages, allows ORNIMI having a broader understanding of languages, their peculiarities and being particularly attentive to the final product towards the consumer, as well

Immediacy, customer’s service speed and proximity, combined with the continuous renewal of existing material and the production of new books are also factors that make ORNIMI editions distinctive and give them a comparative advantage in terms of their further establishment on learning foreign languages.

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