Percorso CILS – UNO (B1) + Cd audio

Simone Scafi – Lisa Loccisano
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Percorso Cils directs to anyone who wants to participate in the certification exam of italian as a foreign language level ONE – B1.

This handbook of preparation and deepening has been conceived and created, as a tool for both classroom teaching and self - learning.

Its structure allows be using with the guidance of a teacher, who can work for skills, but also autonomously being present, combined with the solutions, also further insights and explanations.

 The manual is divided into four sections:

  • The first section comprises the presentation of the exams, of level ONE - B1, the description of the test, useful advice for teachers and students and the Syllabus.
  • The second section comprises two exam notebooks, divided by skills, completed answers, ideas and explanations of the correct answer.
  • The third section comprises three examination notebooks complete with answers.
  • The fourth section finally comprises exercises useful for preparation for the CILS examination, the review and the fixing of the grammatical structures present in the examination texts.

Percorso CILS UNO-B1 is the first of the series of manuals for getting prepared for the CILS examination, which presents unique elements able to differentiate it from other manuals, among them:

  • Useful tips for the preparation both for teachers and students;
  • Answers, ideas and explanations that make it usable for self-learning;
  • Division of tests by skills so that in a classroom environment the teacher can guide the students to deepen their individual abilities, integrates, if it is necessary, with ad hoc materials.
  • Online site where you can download audio tracks and a useful glossary in three languages.

The structure of Percorso CILS makes it suitable for:

  • preparatory courses in schools for sustaining the examination
  • self – learning study


Writers: Simone Scafi, Lisa Loccisano

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